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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec.31 Shopping - Not Vicariously

Today - on New Year's Eve Day - I am not quite offering a Shopping Vicariously option as proposed for each day in  December.
It's not Shopping Vicariously through others when I actually did some "shopping" in December.

As previously blogged, I became unemployed in October.
I have considered pursuing a job in my previous work-industry. I have considered getting a basic, pay-the-bills job. I have also wondered if I'd be able to find a job when so many are unemployed (and some for a very long time).

However, I considered yet another path.
I have decided to pursue another Degree.
Specifically, a degree in Fiber Arts.
It's a core Arts degree with a focus on Weaving.
{wry grin}
Your reaction to the above probably resembles one of these three:
  1. "Fiber Arts?" (said with varying levels of polite disbelief)
  2. "Fiber Arts." (said with mild curiosity or even a bit of ignorance)
  3. "Fiber Arts!!!" (said with enthusiasm and perhaps a little envy).
The response depends on the audience. {grin}

Thusly, in December, I shopped for classes to support my chosen degree and visited the bookstore to collect my required "reading".
My Weaving Educational adventure begins in the New Year. We'll see what happens next.

Be safe and kind tonight.

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