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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dec. 25th - No shopping today. Just some Holiday Purrs and Fleurs

{I know, I know. I could resist using that title}  ;-)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.

No Shopping Vicariously today. Today we enjoy family and friends and perhaps some respite from the pressures of the Holiday Season.

I noticed my Christmas Cactus began to bloom this week.
So here's some pictures of those few blossoms as well as some pictures of our cats enjoying the Winter sunshine.

I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine-bliss today too.
E-Hug - and Purrs:
The "usual" sunshine positions (except Nikoli is asleep elsewhere).
Gryphon (Not disturbed by camera-in-face).
CooPurr (Mildly disturbed by camera-in-face).
Handsome Mikale. (Um, kinda disturbed by camera, but purring loudly). 
Nikoli's back and giving Mikale a bath. (Nikoli bathes everyone - including me). 
These two sleep "Yin-Yang" allll the time. Endlessly charming.
This Christmas Cactus has a few blooms and quite a few buds. 

There are also a couple of African Violet blooms just now:

 Oh, and this is a "creep". Well, technically it's a "double creep" that lives in an African Violet pot. One of the vendors at the 4th Ave. Street Fair used to sell these, but I haven't seen them offer "creeps" in many years.
So you don't get the wrong idea that I have a green thumb, here's the other Double Creep I have in a pot with a struggling-to-survive (cat gnawed) Spider plant:

And here's the other Christmas Cactus with it's single bloom:

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