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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm alive...I just fell off the work-a-holic wagon

Work has been very busy...ok, it's always busy. But it has been a bit more challenging than usual. Hence - I did fall off the work-a-holic wagon and I spent A LOT of time at work in the past few months.
Added to that, I've been rather diligent about spending time with my big brother since my sister-in-law passed away in late August. It's been nice to get to know him some again and maybe it helps him some to have me around.

Gryphon is mostly grown now - it looks like he'll be BobCat sized (my BobCat cat, not a real Bobcat) - which is still larger than average. He is a fearless jumper, profoundly curious, very funny, and stubborn. And - with all the time I was gone in August/Sept for trips and family stuff - he has bonded to DH. I'm a little sad that I'm not the person he purrs for regularly, but I'm also glad that DH has a cat that looks to him. BobCat and CooPurr view me as their person. Gryphon views me as an excellent toy and source of constant entertainment. But he loves DH best. I'm rather fond of DH myself, so I can understand Gryphon's affection.
Ah well. Gryphon is a happy, rambunctious, silly, sweet, busy cat and I love him.

General News...well...
  • I got some accolades at work and a bonus day off for being an employee of the quarter. Two folks I respect and admire felt I was worthy of some very kind write-ups that inspired the main office to select me for an award and the gift of a credit card gift card. My plan is to visit all my local Yarn Shops and invest in some knitterly goodness!
    (2 shop excursions down, 2 to go...)
  • The Ithilien Jacket is done!! Well, no, I certainly had nothing to do with it's design or creation, but I've been following it's progress on Prairie Spinner's blog for a bit.
    It is lovely and amazing and it won Best of Show! You should go look!
  • I have become rather infatuated with the TV show "Fringe" due to the influences of my big brother and his daughter. I am pursuing catching up on this fascinating and clever show...but I'm a season behind. {rats!}
  • I received these knitterly gifts over the holidays from a friend:
    A Knitter's Bible kit (contains yarn, needles and book) and she also gifted me with this fun knitterly ornament:

(the sweater is flocked!)

  • My housekeeping has been near non-existent for the past few months (not unlike my blogging) due to the trips, family stuff, and work-bingeing. I'm trying to get a grip before more plants keel over and the dust bunnies stage a coup.
    {But I'd reallllly rather be knitting!}
  • I finished the 2nd Dr. Who Scarf - this one for my little brother:

Gryphon approves (and he only chewed on the fringe just a little bit...)

  • I finished Joyce's socks that traveled with me to the Sock Summit.
    Unfortunately, Joyce has broken one of her legs (the x-rays display a very impressive grouping of broken bones just above the ankle) so she won't be wearing both socks for a little while yet.

My feet are a poor model of the socks for a person so much taller...

  • I joined the Tucson Hand Weavers and Spinner's guild. The meetings have been fascinating and inspiring. They are a very active and wholly impressive group of crafters who have been very kind to me. I'm hoping this will inspire me to pay more attention to the weaving craft at which I have been meaning to invest more time.
  • In October, I got to take two classes with Janet Szabo of Big Sky Knitting designs! The Tucson Hand Weavers and Spinner's Guild and Grandma's Spinning wheel hosted her for several days. I found her to be very intelligent and personable.

I truly enjoyed the two classes I had with her: "Cables and Beyond" (on Cables) and "Let them Eat Cake!" (on the Brioche stitch).
And she signed her "Cables Vol. I" book for me as well!

I can't remember what-all-else has been occupying my time.
Life is very busy and I feel profoundly blessed with the loved ones, friends, crafts and zany cats that enhance my life.
But...I have to go vacuum now...