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Monday, December 17, 2012

And now for a real blog post...

Even in war, the majority of the participants are usually "sane".
A holiday is approaching that has been known to inspire warring nations to lay down their arms and come together in peace.

And yet in this holiday season, our country is mourning the casualties of another kind of war.

Please find below a post I wrote on Raverly and a link to an article that I feel is Extremely important.
Please consider reading further.  E-Hug.

While I do agree our fascination with personal weapons of mass destruction has surpassed ridiculous proportions, I feel I need to bring up a deeper concern.
What kind of person - even beyond the core wrong of killing anyone, (much less his mother) - what kind of person goes to a Grade school to kill 6-year olds? To kill people at a Grocery Store? To shoot people in a Movie Theatre and setup a deadly trap in their apartment?
Tears, heart-felt sympathy, and healing thoughts are offered to all the people affected by mental illness and these truly senseless tragedies.
It is my sincere hope that we can find a way to address the challenges of the dangerous tools and the dangerous users.

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