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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vicarious Dec. Shopping on the 11th - Art! (Not just paint)

I'd like to feature two of my favored artists in today's Shopping Vicariously post.
One is very new to me.
One I've admired for years.

The One that is very new to me I found via a Dr. Who related Tweet that took me to this spiffy fan-site:
CAUTION - you might want to finish skimming over the blog {just to be, you know, polite} 'cause as soon as you travel to any of the links below, you probably won't be coming back here for a while. 
I just thought it would be fair to warn you that the stuff I'm linking to is Wicked-Cool and you're about to be seriously distracted. 
Right. Thanks for reading this far. ;-)

This Dr. Who site happened to feature some spiffy art by, well, a lot of people, but this artist's work made me stop and stare and go look for more!

This one I've admired for years! The husband of a dear friend introduced me to this gent's art. I had some brief correspondence with himself (he was Very gracious and kind) when I won some of his books in a charity auction last year.
(Yep, humble apologies for that drastically pending blog.)

Stu Jenks does amazing photographs...ok, that sounds a bit lame. He photographs fire in spirals and circles and...crimony it's hard for me to describe but it's wonderful.
{Hey, he does music too?!?}
And it appears I am rather ignorant of alllll of his talents.

Heck I can't do it justice.
Go.    Look.    {grin} Come back tomorrow to see the next "Shopping Vicariously" blog and please take a moment to enjoy the wonder of the season.
Here's the Stu Jenks Links:

I have to stop now. It's taken me forever to pull this post together 'cause I wander off into the art and kinda forget to come back. Enjoy!

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