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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dec. 13th Vicarious Shopping - Knitterly Listening

Do you listen to Podcasts?
I do. Generally they are pretty wonderful things. All sorts of topics - from Knitting to Rome to Poetry to Weaving. There are sooooo many to listen to and so little time.

But when I consider the time, preparation and effort it takes to create a podcast to share...it's quite a gift and I appreciate the podcasts that much more.

Some Podcasters have "swag" that we can purchase to show our support.
Some sell patterns and classes. Some have published patterns or books available. Some offer classes or allow donations to support the podcast.
Gift options? For yourself or a podcast buddy? Could be.

Here's a few of my favorites and their Vicarious Shopping options.

I'd also like to offer my thanks and appreciation to these creative folks and wish them Happy Holidays and a terrific New Year.
  • Cast On! Brenda Dayne may have been our first major knitterly podcaster. Thanks for setting the bar so high, Brenda.  (Oh - here's her Shop link!)
  • CogKNITive! Dr. Gemma. I always learn something, generally laugh out loud, am knit-inspired and she and her podcast support my desire to improve myself. It's all good.  CogKNITive Cafe Press Shop link.
  • CraftLit! CraftLit is like spending time with your favorite Lit Professor, who happens to knit (among other things), is wicked-smart, fun and charming. Heather is that Lit Prof.
    CraftLit is also a multi-media opportunity. Books, classes, Cooperative Press... woof. 
  • The Knitmore Girls! - "A Multi-generational Podcast". An ongoing favorite. I always smile when I hear Gigi say "Excellent Lovey. How are you?" and I chime in on "telling you to Knit More." Especial thanks and a hug to Cindy/BlackmoonDog who introduced me to the Knitmore Girls. Literally - introduced me to Jasmine & Gigi at SS09 and thusly to the Podcast. CafePress Link.
  • Knitting Pipeline! Something about Paula's voice...relaxing, charming, interesting podcast and person. Longaberger Store Link. She designs knitting patterns too. 
  • Single Handed Knits - My first video Podcast. Beyond Inspiring. Fun, charming, kind. Mel is the best kind of instigator! Yep, we're back to inspiring. Very. Hugs to you, Mel. 
  • Sticks and String - Mr. Reidy ("An Australian bloke who knits.") is no longer podcasting but his podcast is still a favorite and - seriously - The Sticks and String "Carpe Lanam" shirt is the MOST fun to wear out and about. I wish you health and joy in the New Year, Sir. 
Actually, I would like to wish everyone Health and Joy in the New Year!
"Carpe Lanam!"

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