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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hats inspired by Ma Cobb to support Equality Now

We have a "Can't Stop the Serenity" screening at the Loft Theater later this month - hosted by our local Browncoat group.
(What is a Browncoat, you ask? Follow the link for a decent explanation.)
{Why yes, I really am that geeky - and proud and tickled about it! If you haven't seen the Firefly series and the Serenity movie - you've been missing out and you should correct that lapse in your entertainment world with all haste! (and maybe with some popcorn, and some friends...pizza is good too...}

The proceeds from the Can't Stop the Serenity event benefit Equality Now and The Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona.
A young lady I know put out the word on Ravelry that the organizers of the event were looking for some Jayne Hats to offer at the Serenity screening.

I had the yarn in the required Red, Orange, Yellow colors (wool and alpaca yarn no less - yummy), a pattern, and the plot to knit a "cunning" Jayne hat on my Knitting to-do list.
Now seemed the time to do the deed.

I made one hat to match the pattern specifications. It is rustic and roomy and very nearly matches the pictures of Jayne Cobb wear’n the hat from his Ma. On my “pin-head” - it’s a little too roomy (i.e. fits best down over my eyes) so it’ll probably fit a normal sized person’s head mo’betta. (Or a Jayne Cobb-sized person...)

I tweaked the pattern some and made one that fits my head. And I still had more yarn - so I went for a 3rd hat of an in-between size. The yellow ran a little short on the 3rd hat so I finished the very top with some leftover Cascade 220 doubled (excellent color match).

I offered the 2 larger hats to the Arizona Browncoats group and their organizer picked 'em up yesterday!
She seemed very pleased with them.
I'm not sure if they'll be raffled or auctioned, but I hope they raise some decent funds for the charities AND that they'll sit well on the heads of a couple of Browncoats!
"A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything." ~ Wash

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Bit o'the "Bubbly"

Whilst clearing out the living room so the carpet could be replaced, we came across two little bottles of bubbles from a wedding the DH attended in Vegas.
(You know, where folks are expected to blow bubbles at the Bride-n-Groom instead of throwing rice, or bird seed, or something that represents good luck and fertility. {I have NO idea how bubbles represent good luck or fertility. Aside from the silly/fun aspect, I would suggest soap bubbles inspire cleanliness ;-) }

I asked how long he wanted to store these (dusty) treasured keepsakes in our home...and his eventual response was that he was able to let them go.
But first, we absolutely HAVE to blow soap bubbles at the cats, right?!?

Nikoli, our fearless scardy cat, had the most fun: 

Gryphon is not so sure about these thingies...

Mikale is unimpressed with the flavor:

The kitty-wonder of airborne soap continues:

Gryphon chooses to retreat to a safe place from which to spectate:
Nikoli continues to play (watch the tail-action):

And Gryphon can't quite resist:

I think soap bubbles are probably not Gryphon's favorite "toy" (which would be Nikoli) but they were an interesting afternoon's diversion.

 And where was CooPurr you ask?