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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec. 10th Vicarious Shopping - YARN! On Etsy. (& the STV KAL)

This Vicarious Shopping suggestion might have to span a couple of days simply because of the plethora of nifty options! {wry grin}

I have shopped from some of these talented souls and some I've only "window" shopped. {sigh}
But there are a wide variety of colorways, techniques, and yarn-y temptations available on Etsy.
Here's just a few: 

The Knitted Wit: I have not personally hugged or knit with this yarn, but I know it's on the wish list.
I heard tell of this talented dyer via Twitter and I ooh-ahh over the items she posts in her shop.

The next two options come with a KAL story:

Over the month leading up to Election day, I participated in a truly spiffy Knit-a-long (KAL) inspired and guided by Mel of the Single Handed Knits Podcast. {Thanks for taking such good care of us, Mel!}
I was part of the "Undecided" party (undecided regarding which method is preferred: knitting socks top-down or toe-up). Those of us that were lucky-enough to purchase one of the limited "Sock The Vote" Party kits received yarn especially dyed for the KAL.

These two independent dyers provided our spiffy STV yarn: 
Yarn vs Zombies - Kiki dyed some of the lovely yarns used in the "Sock the Vote" KAL adventure.  My STV Party Kit yarn was not created by Kiki, but other STV knitters had good things to say about the yarn and the colors were grand!
Perusing the Yarn vs Zombies Etsy shop, I'm rather glad I don't spin (which means I'm "safe" from the temptation of purchasing the spinning fiber/tops. {sigh}).  The "Timey Wimey" colorways are fascinating - But I am sorely tempted by her self-striping yarn:

Space Cadet Creations, the 2nd STV dyer, does have an Etsy Shop, however, her home page covers shop, blog, and more.
I keep going back to look at the "Feather" Colorway and to see what is available in the Experimental/One-of-a-kind colorways in the "Department of Rocket Science".

I DID get to knit on Space Cadet Creations' Aurora yarn for my Sock the Vote Sock knitting. Yummy soft cashmere and merino.
This is the link to my Raverly Project page for the STV Socks. It was an adventure.
There was a great deal of self discovery, tinking and re-knitting (The pictorial journey appears below). HOWEVER, the Yarn was the best part of the project and was extremely patient with me.

Thus ends today's Etsy Yarn December Shopping Vicariously options.
Hope your day is lovely. 

SO - my Sock the Vote Knit-a-Long Adventure went lika dis: 
(Partial reprint of my 11/6 post in the "Election Day!" discussion thread on Ravelry (in which we were also to identity to what position our sock would be elected). Please note - the links below (marked as (RL)will only be successful if you're a member of Ravelry.)

From a modest beginning as a skein of soft, colorful yarn shipped for the Undecided Party, this fibre has transformed itself multiple times - all the while maintaining it's core sock-iness and yet literally representing the Undecided Party throughout it's Electoral journey.

The initial bid for sock-iness was plotted for the knitter (RL)! (i.e. me)
Alas, poor planning and lack of swatching inspired a change in needles and a new beginning for this intrepid Space Cadet Creations Spiffy Iffy Aurora Yarn. (Sock Restart #1)

During this time, the knitter was so focused on retracing the campaign path, that the STV Week 2 campaign expectations were missed entirely. This may have been fortuitous because about this time, the knitter realized the fibre was destined for greater feet than her own!

Yet another new beginning was envisioned (Sock Restart #2) and the STV socks were entered in the "Knock on Wood(RL) campaign (knitting on wooden needles) as a Christmas gift for a dear friend.

There was a notable setback on that campaign trail when a toe-increase stitch on one sock (RL) was nearly lost and the knitter retreated back down the trail to re-knit the sock and keep her campaign promise of a wearable pair of socks for her friend! (Sock Restart #3)

Nearing the heel turn, the knitter polled her friend regarding the position of the candidate socks on the intended feet.

It must be confessed that the knitter was briefly tempted to rely on negative ease to resolve the excess sock at the base of the toes. However, sock-integrity was vital and the socks were, again, frogged back to the toes. (Sock Restart #4)

The knitter fully disclosed her "Two Steps Back" (RL) to the "Party Together" discussion group but was also able to display a "One Step Forward" (RL) as the heels were finally rounded on these valiant but clearly undecided socks!
(Confession - puns were totally intended!)

A brief side-junket was taken to knit from the other end of the yarn-cakes as these wee socks were created to donate to the Academy for Cancer Wellness for a fund-raiser. (Bonus Sock start)

On the Election Day Eve, our undecided socks were on the cusp of achieving the knitter's (current) greatest dream - completion of the STV socks (and the freedom to focus on other Christmas Knitting - as well as the intent to cast on a Piper's Journey shawl for herself!!)

Alas, I did not complete the STV socks before Election Day as suggested by the KAL.

But late Election Day Eve, I accepted that these socks would accompany me to the polls and would be knit upon as I awaited my turn to participate in this Historic Election. All pun-ing and melodrama aside, I feel voting is a blessed responsibility.

My thanks to All STV participants, dyers Stephanie and Kiki, and most especially Mel  and her family -  for the inspiration, imagination, color-joy and encouragement. I feel I am in great company and I have truly enjoyed this journey with you.

Oh - for what position would these sock run/be elected? I feel this project has clearly demonstrated it's undeniable qualifications for the STV Commissioner of Ongoing WIP!

Edited later 11/6 to add
The ""I knit a Sock and I VOTE"(d)" ;-)" tweet picture and
this "They're done" picture:

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