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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec.29th Shopping Vicariously - Yarn! On Etsy!

E'yup - more Etsy yarn.
The tragic bit is I am actually pretty ignorant of much of the yarn on Etsy....kinda gives me a shiver to think there is soooo much more to see!

Again, I can't say that I have personally experienced the yarn from all these vendors, but it does look quite spiffy and you can almost see the yarn fumes!

The new year approaches - I hope you're planing a fun and safe New Year's Celebration!


  1. So much yarn, so little time! PLEASE don't point me in the direction of any more.....

    1. {wry grin} You were part of the inspiration for the Dec. blog series...with your "Big plug" blogs from earlier this year. ;-) So in a way, you've only yourself to blame.