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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec. 17th - Shopping Vicariously - Wyland

I have followed the career of Wyland for...well, a while.
Longer than some adults have been alive. {wry grin}

I have seen a few Wyland Walls and hope to see more.
I am saddened and a bit annoyed that the Wyland Whaling Wall near Tucson is now "extinct" but pleased that I got the opportunity to meet Wyland there at the wall's opening/book signing. He was gracious, charming and had a great smile (still does, as a matter of fact).

I am impressed with this gent's art and heart but most impressed that he uses his art and fame to do good and to try to inspire better handling of our earth and waters.
Well done, Sir!

So - some Wyland Vicarious Shopping and Purposeful-gift options:

Please be kind to one another.

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