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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blogiversary #6 - Unprepared Blessings

A reminder popped up late Thursday that my 6th Blogiversary was coming up on Sunday. 

My response was general surprise and a sudden urge to post a blog entry. {wry grin}

That response was quickly lost as I went to bed and then became entirely distracted the next day with the DH suddenly being off work for the 4th of July (after he worked a double shift with the holiday off  as incentive). 
{The Tucson "A" Mountain Fireworks were grand and lovely by the way.}

The reminder popped up again on Saturday, still trying to get my attention and blogging time. 

Yep, by now I expect you totally understand the "Unprepared" portion of the blog title. {sigh/grin}

Lacking anything profound to say, I'll say this:
Life is pretty darn good and I feel rather blessed. 

….And I'm going to try to leave it at that.
I have started dozens of sentences to flesh out this post and I keep discarding those sentences for a variety of reasons. 

It comes down to this for me - today, at this point in my life, and at this point in our world
Yes, life is hard and confounding. It can be frightening and overwhelming and generally Not Fair.

But life is filled with many blessings: 
Love, laughter, kindness, yarn, books, sunshine, rain, wonder, education, friendship, and silly cats being just a few. 

{sigh} What you can't see here is that I just expended more time typing stuff and then deleting it. 

I wish us all many blessings and the ability to see and treasure 
those blessings every day, at every point in our lives, 
and especially at this point in our world. 

Blessings Be.