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This is a test. This is only a test. It might be a dumb test but I'm doing it.
I have no real idea if this will create a new page/tab or if it will hose my blog to the point of making me grind my teeth and wish that I'd looked harder for a "help" button before I thought "Let's see what this does.".
Wish me luck folks - I'm about to push the "Preview" button!

Weeeellllll - it took a bit more than just pushing the "Preview" button but I have a test page attached to my blog. Cool.

I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing with this. I need to explore the functionality a little more.
The point of this experiment is to see if I can build an on-line portfolio. Yep, you guessed it - it's for a class I'm taking: Portfolio Preparation. I'm printing pictures and scans of the things I've made during the Fiber Arts degree but I wanted to see if I could go for extra credit and build a portfolio on-line.
AND….it was a really good excuse for me to turn school time into a bit of blog-time without any guilt. ;-)
We'll see what happens next! KiniaCat

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  1. This is a handy feature - you can create a tab on your blog, and put stuff on it. So in my little woolly mind I'm noticing how "put stuff on it" somehow relates to "Portfolio - Ceramics". Isn't that interesting? ;-)