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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild Fashion Show

A week ago Saturday, I got to attend my first Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild Fashion Show and Tea!
It was inspiring, charming, amazing and great fun.

I have to confess that I don't have pictures of the Marketplace, the guild or study-group presentations, the nearly 30 raffle baskets, or the Fashion Show entries.
A professional photographer was taking pictures and the guild did ask that we not take pictures to post on the Internet. I'm waiting to see if the pictures will be available on the guild website.
A few are available here and here.

Craftlit's Heather Ordover was our stellar Fashion Show Commentator. It was very nice to see her again and she did an excellent job guiding the audience (and the models {wry grin}) through the fashion show.

The models and items-being-modeled were varied and graceful. From a Woven Vest to Appliqued Jackets to a fun and beautifully Embroidered Ski Jacket. There was a Felted Oceanic Hat & Scarf set, Handwoven Rugs, a rescued Leather Duster (ruined panels replaced with newly ?marble-dyed? leather), and a stunning one-shouldered Felted ?silk? Dress with a leaf motif wrap in off-white that was so lovely and obviously took a great deal of talent and skill to create.
A spinner with whom I am newly acquainted knit a Cardigan from hand-dyed wool that had been dyed with only black and Teal (at the same time). She knit it from side to side to show the gradations between the Teal shades to Black. Intriguing and beautiful!

Yes, I know pictures would help. My feeble explanations do not do the Wearable Art justice. Some pieces I can see in my mind's eye but I have no idea how to describe them. I know there are many more that I have not mentioned here. They were all amazing. Such design and crafting prowess!
{sigh} Hopefully the pictures will be available on the public side of the Guild website.

I do, however, have pictures of the treasure I collected at the Fashion Show.

I fell in love with this Yarn Bowl created by Ken Ledbetter of KCL Woods.
It's made of Mesquite Wood. 

I love the turquoise fill...

(Gryphon, as usual, is on hand to "supervise".)
I also benefited from two of the guild fundraisers.

1.)   Tea pots were donated from all over and guild members made Tea Cozies to sell with the tea pots to raise funds for the guild.

I purchased this lovely little individual Tea Pot and Cup paired with this whimsical Craft Mall Tea Cosy. I don't know who made the cozy, but they have a serious sewing machine, possibly some weaving skills, a clever mind, and very sharp scissors.
(Watch for the shop-cat!)
(Spinning Wheel in the right-hand side of the window.)

(Close-up on the baskets and woven cactus.)
I love the climbing roses...
(Did you notice that all the shops are having a sale?)

2.)   The study groups and guild members donated alllll sorts of lovely things to put together 28 Raffle Baskets!  

I got to help transport the baskets from the lobby into the event room. Some of them were quite heavy!
Our table at the tea won several of the Raffle Baskets (I think 6 in all). The woman behind me won Three. I think she felt a bit awkward winning so many, but she did confess that she had invested a significant amount in purchasing raffle tickets.

Me? I won the very last Raffle Basket of the day!
The Cookie Lover's Basket donated by the Amphitheater Bible Church and another guild member.
I didn't quite catch it, but I believe the announcer made some comment about my baking cookies for the guild...but I'm not quite sure when or how many I'm baking but I'm game! {wry grin}
(Yes, Gryphon tried to chew on the wrapping...)
4 Cookie Mixes
A lap quilt in a log cabin pattern lined the basket.
(Yes, Nikoli & Mikale are "helping" me take pictures.)
3 pot-holders and a notepad/pen.
(I should take a picture of the boxes after
cat paws went tromping through the basket later that night..)
The pot above is not for Tea - it is a Tea Pot Cookie Jar!
Shamefully, I have not yet baked cookies for this new Cookie jar, but tonight I did pick up some Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snap Cookies (seriously - YUM) to go into this mondo cookie jar.

I had a all sorts of fun at the THSG Fashion Show and Tea. I can barely imagine all the organization and effort that went into making it such an excellent event.
Kudos and my thanks to the Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's guild. Well done!


  1. Yow, did you score or what!? A teapot, cute bags to stuff in, and a QUILT. See, things work out correctly. You are exactly who should have this. And the wooden yarn bowl is killer. My sister's husband used to do wood working like that. Up there in the Pacific Northwest. Anonymously.

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