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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cat Burglar and Kitty drugs

We have a Cat Burglar in our midst.
Sure, he looks all innocent and charming with his "rub my tummy" cuteness...

However, he's been spotted - on several occasions - breaking into closets, sliding the large closet doors aside so he can enter to explore (and hide from CooPurr being too rude and sniffy).

Further...He is the main suspect of some extreme shelf climbing and distribution of a controlled substance in our home: CATNIP.

I got up the other morning to find on the Living room floor, a small box that usually resides on the second shelf of one of the tall shelves in that room. As I picked it up to put it back - I noticed a significant spread of stuff on the carpet behind the couch.

About that time I realized the stuff was Catnip - I looked to the 3rd shelf where the catnip is safely double bagged in a basket with other kitty toys and some human brain-teaser puzzles - and nothing looked amiss.
There were 3 more double-bagged caches of Catnip still in the basket. The 3rd shelf (very full of books, basket, and some knick-knacks), is nearly 4 feet off the ground and seemed undisturbed - save for the one small box I'd found on the floor...

Yet the evidence of a Catnip burglary was clear.
(I wondered if levitation had been involved in the caper...)

CooPurr can jump and explores on a larger scale, but he's not one to investigate small places or perform tightrope walking - and he was sitting on the steps, unconcerned.
Gryphon does explore (and fall out of) places he shouldn't be - but as he and Nikoli wandered in to sniff and literally fall upon the Catnip spread - I got the impression it was their first buzz of the day rather than a 2nd hit.

Yeah, it's all fun and games until....
The Vacuum comes out (these two are so nipped they forgot to bolt at the sight of the Vacuum!):
And Mikale? Where was he during this "love da carpet" episode?
I have no idea - probably sleeping it off...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stray Internet Personality Quiz results...

Funny - per this quiz, I'm supposed to be a rarity...although I think "odd" sums me up pretty well...ah, maybe unique...oddly unique?

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men

You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Per this Jane Austin quiz, my personality is supposed to resemble:

I find this rather flattering, as I do like and admire Elinor Dashwood.

However, I must admit - I do not believe either quiz asked about the number of cats residing in the household as a core sanity test...

Monday, June 7, 2010

And then there were 4 - which, I think, takes me back up into Crazy Cat Lady Status.

A co-worker has been trying to find a home for her two cats for over 6 months. She's allergic, she and her husband moved to a smaller place, her husband (they're really his cats) joined the National Guard and is away for training, and they have a young child so there were financial and quality time concerns, as well as some sneezing.

I was intrigued by this pair of orange-tabby brothers last November, but BobCat's health was beginning to be an issue, he was over 19 and I didn't think it would be fair to inflict more younglings on him (Gryphon was more than enough of a challenge!).

Recently, I found that Nikoli and Mikale (plez pronunce vit Natasha aksent frum "Rocky & Bullvinkle") were still looking for a new home.
My husband suggested we adopt them.
My best friend suggested the same thing.

Yep, we brought them home Saturday.
Nikoli took everything in stride - purring and rubbing on me and the kitty carrier.
Mikale was not  happy on the drive home - breathing fast and panting.  I half-crawled into the kitty carrier to offer him some comfort - it helped some - I think.

The brothers are sequestered in the computer room pending getting getting caught up on their shots (tomorrow), making sure they don't have the big-ugly kitty diseases (highly unlikely - they've been indoor cats and have had some serious Vet-time...) and - to have ample opportunity to become familiar with the smells of CooPurr and Gryphon who have been camping outside the computer-room door.
CooPurr is not camping so much - he's curious, but he came from a cat rescue that had lots of cats around the house so two new cats smells are pretty bland to him.
Gryphon...he's the main "camper". Curiosity itself. Paws under the door - lots of hovering and sniffing.

Saturday afternoon/evening was pretty much under-the-spare-bed time for the brother-cats. Nikoli came out a very little bit. They ate and used the litter box overnight so that was a start. Sunday Nikoli came out more, started purring, kneading, and generally being a love.

Today - check out the lap-cat...

I found Mikale sleeping in the kitty-carrier one time, but he booked under the bed when he realized his hidy-hole behind the chair had been detected.
Another time, I found him up on the bed, in one of the 3 kitty beds up there. Again - he was down in a flash and back under the bed.

He was friendly and purr-y at his previous home so I'm hoping he'll be able to return to that level of comfort in a week or so.
Well, maybe a week or so after I add to the trauma by hauling him to the Vet tomorrow. {sigh - the guilt of it all}
It's a short ride, it'll get it out of the way for a year and he'll be able to be loosed on the rest of the house in a few days when he feels comfortable enough to come out from under the bed with one of us in the room.
Candid, under the bed shots:
See - Mikale is kind of a Strawberry Blond Tabby...
He's looking a little more comfortable.

Nikoli - is not hissing at the door any more so I'm hoping that will bode well for CooPurr/Gryphon  introductions - possibly later this week.  We're waiting on Mikale. (Though, I'm having a hard time convincing the DH to wait on kitty introductions. Jeez.)

Hence, I'm back up to 4 cats and Crazy Cat Lady status: