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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dec.24th Shopping Vicariously - Last Minute

My humble apologies. I forgot to setup a post for the 24th. {tsk}

Confession...I was knitting furiously the last few days.
(Yes, I thought of the Yarn Harlot and her Christmas Knitting.)
I had nearly finished 2 more sets of fingerless mitts to gift away on Christmas Eve, but that would leave a 3rd person at our dinner left out and mitt-less. {sigh}(And it turned out there was a "surprise" 4th person that would have also been knit-less.)

Since other gifts had already been purchased, wrapped and planned for these lovely folks and the mitts were "bonus" gifts...the plot was abandoned late yesterday afternoon and the completed mitts are now a head-start on next years gifting.

So - Vicariously Shopping options for the 24th of December.
Something that is relatively quick to setup at the last minute if you're running late but that could also be the perfect gift.
{Ha - as this blog post is ironically and demonstratively late.}

My husband calls this "Giving someone an errand". {wry grin}
Gifting someone with an "errand" is giving them a Gift Certificate. ;-)

The obvious clues are to consider the person's interests, needs, or hobbies, which stores are favored or located nearby, and from where you would shop for them if you felt a bit more comfortable about exactly what to purchase for them. (We also like to support our local shop owners.)

For Tucson some interesting "local" options might be:

And yes, I received a very spiffy Christmas errand - the DH gifted me with an nifty excursion to Kiwi Knitting!
Please excuse me...I'm off to work on the mildly late Christmas Day Blog Post now.

I hope your Christmas Eve was full of happy anticipation, satisfaction (at being more prepared than I), and some quiet joy and wonder.

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