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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec. Shopping Vicariously - "Noisy Dog"

Here is the 3rd Blog post of the "December Shopping Vicariously Through You" series!

This person's art was introduced to me via Twitter recently, although it sounds like her art was previously recommended in "Real Simple" and "Martha Stewart's Living" magazines

Leigh Jackson's Noisy Dog Studio

She does Commission Portraits, Continuous Line Drawings {fascinating!}, the Original Art  is on sale, and there is a 2013 Calendar available to support your dog-lover Holiday Shopping. 

Now, this artist particularly caught my heart because the artist has put most of her art on sale to raise funds to help pay for the Vet bills relating to her cat's recent terminal illness diagnosis. 
As returning blog readers know, I have been there (a few times) and the emotional side is hard enough. The financial side can also be devastating. 

If this suggestion doesn't match a person on your shopping list, please consider sharing out the Noisy Dog Studio link in case it tickles someone else's dog fancy! 

Blessings Be and a lovely Holiday Season to you!

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