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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Coiling and Finger Crochet

When we last visited my Mixed Media Class project attempts, I was having some "core issues". {grin}
{And Gryphon was helping...}
When I started on my large Coiling project, I had a grand scheme to coil a pitcher and create a flow of beads pouring from the pitcher like water.
I had the beads, wire, fiber, and coiling core all planned.

Yep, nice concept.
However, time limits and reality interceded and I quickly revised my grandiose plan. I coiled a nicely shaped bowl with a subtle edging effect that could be turned in on time.
I am rather pleased with this project and would definitely like to revisit coiling and wrapping for another, larger project. {perhaps with some beads involved...} ;-)

Our next Mixed Media was Finger Crochet!
I smugly thought "I'm all over this - I already know how to crochet!" and then I promptly discovered that without a hook and actual yarn, I am inept at crochet.

We were using sisal and, well, our fingers.
One of my table-mates is an avid crocheter and she quickly, quietly and competently accomplished the finger crochet in-class assignments from our instructor. I did not see a hint of "smug" but she could have easily supported any smug-ness with her proficient finger crochet.

I did eventually wrap my brain around crocheting via fingers to make the 3 shapes assigned by the teacher:
See - a Circle, Rectangle, & Triangle.
{No? S'ok - use your imagination. }
We then turned the 3 shapes into...something else. I made a ship with a sail out of mine, but I don't have pictures of that creation. ;-)

And then we were asked to draw a simple design on brown paper, attach it with tape to our Work Board (several thicknesses of cardboard bound with duct tape), and use T-pins and finger crochet to make that simple design.

After floundering so badly when trying to make a simple finger-crochet rectangle I rather foolishly drew a Cat head and set to crocheting.
And....it went pretty well.
Based on the shape and the curly aspect of the crochet, I decided I had actually crocheted a Lamb or Sheep:

And then we learned the Large-scale Finger Crochet assignment would be....a Group Project.

The already-handy-at-finger-crochet table-mate mentioned above, myself and two others formed one of the groups.  We were charged with creating a large-scale Finger Crochet Art Installation that would go out in the common area of our end of the campus for a week.
To be continued! 

But wait....we started this post with help from Gryphon so here's what Gryphon was up to at about the same time I was attempting finger crochet:
Gryphon thought the roses the DH had gifted to me for Valentines were lovely delicious.


  1. I admire your forbearance. I would likely end up with a snarl of thread and a signed drop-out slip. Though I confess, I've never actually tried it. Gryphon put a bee in my bonnet - I've never actually tried tasting a rose petal, I really must give it a try. I've certainly devoured them in every other way.

  2. I much admire the wrapped-coil bowl. Reminds me of hand-built traditional ceramic pottery, and I especially like the finish around the top edge. You must have formidably strong hands, by now.