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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Actually, I have not been overloading on cute

I admit it, I like to treat myself to a CuteOverload update when I get online...

Recently, these videos have been inspiring re-visits, a lot of grins, and some serious giggles...even a few tears when I laughed just enough. Enjoy!

The Owl and the PussyCat

An excellent example of owner-training

The Orb of Madness!
(I especially like the excellent "soundtrack" matched to this one!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to the Days of Yore - Sock Summit 2009

And now for the Rest of the SS09 Story.

August 2009 was a wondrous but emotional month for me.
I got to attend my first major knitterly event: The Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon.
I spent a lovely, relaxing weekend at a crafting retreat in the White Mountains of Arizona with some friends.
And I was shocked and grieved to find my sister-in-law had been much sicker than they had let on and she left this realm just a few days later.

If you visit this blog somewhat often, you may have noted that I didn't blog for several months. Life was a bit overwhelming for me. It has returned to some semblance of normalcy but reality has shifted a bit.

Anyway - I had intended to finish the Sock Summit blogs I started in 2009. Much of it was generally written but I needed to go through pictures and just do the deed.
Heartened by the recent Sock Summit 2009 podcasts that the Knitmore Girls released over the last few months (i.e. "Look - I'm not alone in my backlog!"), I decided to stop practicing my procrastination talents and finish up the August 2009 blogs.

I've back-posted them for the sake of time-line, but I'm confessing here and on those belated blogs about the true reality of when I pulled out the 'Round-To-it and finished up the blogging.

Yes, this is a real wooden Round "Tuit".
Hence, I have absolutely no excuse for not doing something until I get Around to it - 'cause I already have a Round "Tuit".

So - the shortcuts.
For the 2009 Sock Summit adventure:
The Show Low retreats will be documented in a separate "Back to the Days of Yore" blog.