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Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec. 7th Vicarious Shopping - Marking the Stitch

Where would a knitter be without Stitch Markers?

Ok, where would this knitter be without Stitch Markers?

I can tell you from personal experience (sad experience)...I was counting (again and again and again....), tinking, grumbling, ripping back rows, semi-swearing, frogging the whole project and almost  lamenting my very poor swear word vocabulary.  {sigh}

HOWEVER - there are leetle rings that mark places in knitting that can prevent all of the above teeth-gnashing (on a reasonable day).

A friend taught me how to make my own stitch markers (mine are a bit rustic). I made dozens to take to the 2011 Sock Summit to trade.
(You're right, that's part of the blogs pending creation. {Humble apologies for the delay}).

But these ladies on Etsy make my favorite stitch markers: 

Jeanette of Jeds Joy makes my favorite stitch markers (snagless). Lovely glass, great colors and some are numbered or have letters (to go with some of Cat Bordhi's designs!). I have several sets and have gifted sets to friends. (I've been thinking about getting a set of her removable stitch markers - spiffy.)  OH - she also does row counters and row counter bracelets and the customer service is excellent!

Weeones makes polymer clay-enhanced stitch markers. Charming, irresistible, fun.
Alllll different types of animals and food-themed stitch markers.
I'm partial to the Looks-like-Gryphon Black Cat stitch markers.
And the "Festive Feline" set looks pretty much like my four cats!

Did you go look? Spiffy, huh?

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