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Friday, December 28, 2012

Shopping Vicariously on Dec.28th - Wood and Clay

So, are you reading further because you wanted to see what I meant in the Post Title by "Wood and Clay"? Perhaps you've already guessed.

Today's Vicarious Shopping options are two of my favorites.

Wood - refers to the amazing wooden treasures created by Ken Ledbetter of KCL Woods.
One of the most-visited posts in this blog is the one documenting my first "Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild Fashion Show". And I'm pretty sure a great many folks go to that blog post specifically to see the pictures of the lovely Yarn Bowl I got from Mr. Ledbetter at the Fashion Show Market.
I also have to say - even though I don't spin - his Modular drop spindles were particularly intriguing. They came with extra shafts so when you filled up one, you didn't have to stop spinning and wind the yarn elsewhere - you just switch out the shaft and continue. Pretty nifty, I thought!
Ohhh - he has Weaving Shuttles. {sigh} Another item for my wish-list.

Clay - Well, of course it's Jennie the Potter!
I specifically visited her booth during the 2009 Sock Summit to purchase one of her lovely mugs (and I was successful). I was less successful at the 2011 Sock Summit - the word was out and the commemorative SS11 mugs had sold out quickly. I have recently seen her donate a lovely bowl to the help "Rebuild Judith's Studio" auction and she created special mug and yarn bowl designs for the Knitty 10th Anniversary.

Jennie the Potter on Etsy. (Don't be taken aback by the current available stock - I understand she will create items "made to order". Peruse the already sold items to get a better scope of what she creates.)

Hope your week is going well!

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