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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 12th of Dec. Vicarious Shopping - YARN! BMF & JM

More Yarn!
{There's a lot of Yarn on the Vicarious Shopping List. {grin} You're not surprised, are you?}

A well-known favorite would have to be Blue Moon Fiber Arts

I think my first purchase of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn was, um, "retail therapy". The colorways and the fiber options were irresistible. I hadn't been able to get any classes at the 2009 Sock Summit and so I figured I could have some nifty yarn to compensate.

Yep, I bought the pattern for the Seamingly Simple Vest and some yummy BMF Raven Clan Haida Twisted Yarn. Oddly enough I ended up knitting on the Seamingly Simple Vest AT the 2009 Sock Summit (successful) attempt to break the World Record for most people knitting simultaneously.

The BMF yarn in my stash is fun, colorful, and a'wait'n for me to do some knitting.

Now Juniper Moon Fiber is not something I've knit with just yet, but Kiwi Knitting recently started stocking it. I had to restrain myself from extravagant public yarn hugging. The colors I saw at Kiwi are warm and natural and the yarn so lovely and tactile...yeah, I'm smitten.
Ohhh - spiffy mug!

And {sigh} she has a variety of "Shares". As I understand it, when you purchase a share, you will receive a portion of the yarn  (about 6 skeins) or spinning fibre from the next shearing along with farm updates, discounts on farm stays and invitations to the Shearing Day Celebration. {SIGH}
Here is a nifty JMF Blog, "Yarn Love", that covers this topic much mo'better than I have.
(Did you notice that Juniper Moon Farms is also one of my favored blogs featured on the right side of your screen?)

Ah - and there's the "By Hand" magazine. I love the way these look!
Since I can't find a great deal of yarn skeins available on the web-site tonight for me to link into - I'll take that as confirmation that folks are shopping there and I'll live vicariously through them!

I hope several unexpected smiles come to you today.

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