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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec. Shopping Vicariously Theme - Sunday Alms Week 2

With the 2nd Sunday of the December "Shopping Vicariously" series, here's another option for Alms-gifting.

I know of many kind souls that do this all year 'round: Create for charities.
People knit/crochet hats, blankets, gloves, scarves...and give them to a variety of charities so that people in need might have some added warmth - from the created article and from knowing that someone cared enough to spend time and yarn creating something for them.

Off the top of my head, here are some options to gift warmth to folks that might be without:
(Yes, I did support the top-o'-my-head subjects with some Internet linking!)

This might be the truest instance where the making and giving of a gift has the most impact on both the maker and the recipient.

Bonus Blog Content - For those of you who have asked or are just curious, the Little Brother is doing rather well. He's gained a little more weight (nearly ranks as "slim", I'd say {huge improvement over the previous "scrawny"), he's got more energy, and his Insulin doses have been radically decreased! {We're not sure why. Either it's the last "hurrah" of his pancreas or maybe his pancreas wasn't actually failing. We'll see what happens next.}

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