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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Do I still get to have a Blogiversary if I haven't been blogging?

Yep, I started up my computer today and the back of my brain whispered "Blogiversary?".
And the front of my brain paused and mumbled "Uh oh. Isn't that at the beginning of July?"

This led to my logging into Blogger to marvel that folks still visit my blog occasionally.
{What's with the 50-some-odd-visitors on the 23rd?}

Anyway... I quickly found I'd blown past my July 6th blogiversary. "Sigh".
And then I wondered...do I still get to have a Blogiversary if I haven't been blogging?

Yeah, sorta.   Kinda, maybe.    Yes. I've decided "yes".

I'm going to skip the lack-of-blog-post reasons. I already started a blog on that topic over a month ago and it didn't make it to posting 'cause I thought it was boring.

Today I'm embracing the random aspects of my thought patterns (you already noticed that, I'm sure) and I'm just going to post for the sake of posting. What did I see on Twitter the other day...? Something about write every day. Even if it's crap. Even if you don't show it to anyone, still write.
I liked the idea and it sounded a bit like, if you practice something every day, you'll get better at it. {Hmmmm. Pondering the "every day" part of that theory.}

Anyway x 2... what have you been doing on your summer vacation?

Me?    I'm not really on vacation, per se. I'm not taking time off from work and not traveling anywhere. But I am out of school for the summer and I've been indulging my long-neglected organizational desires.
{i.e. "OMG, I can't stand it anymore!!!!!! I must put something away!!!!"}

There's been a fair bit of recycling, de-piling, donating, sorting (yarn into bins), dusting (wherever the cats don't dust with their lounging furry persons), consolidating to-do lists, and finding homes for paper, fiber, school projects, and personal knitting/weaving projects that have accumulated whilst I was dashing from one school deadline to the next.

And I've been...
Well, there were a lot of and, and, ands...in the paragraph I just deleted. It reminded me of when my youngling nieces/nephews would tell me about their day.

Anyway x 3... I'm going to get back to the reason I turned on the computer in the first place. In excavating my craft room, I became pretty sure that I gifted away a skein of yarn that I had plotted/promised to use in knitting a shawlette for a friend. So I've "shopped" through my stash for replacement options and I was going to e-mail her a oops-I-gave-it-away confession along with a  how-bout-one-of-these-yummy-replacement-yarns offer.

So, I'm off to confess.
I hope life is treating you well.
"Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and CraftLit are helping me maintain my sanity during the home excavation and our country's embarrassing political upheaval. {gah/sigh}
Miss typing at you. I'll try to work on that.
Happy Belated Blogiversary {to me}! Thanks for visiting.