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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 Years already?

Blogiversary #3. Here we are.

So what is this blog for?
Electronic scrap booking?  Editorials?  Diary entries?
When I look back over the blogs of the last year, there seems to be a little of each represented.

Scrap booking? The cats are the main thing to scrapbook about. Cheap entertainment, the lot of them.
I guess I "scrapbook" about my crafting too...representing the name of my blog a bit.

Gryphon's penchant for Netflix Envelopes continues. We hide them when they arrive in the mail, but he's still tries to pick them up and run off with them if he gets the chance.

All 4 monster-cats are still ornery but doing well and getting along quite nicely as opposed to the bouts of cat-hysteria during the introductory phase.  There is still the occasional skirmish but it's half-hearted and mostly posturing.
Personally, I'm slowly relaxing into having "young" cats - not having to care-take for ailing senior-citizen cats as I had for nearly the last decade.

Last July found a variety of critters in our house - not the usual furry types either. (It's getting back to that time of year again. The cats are having a grand time finding the flying ants and tiny beetles I seem to be walking in on my person at night.)

I introduced the blog to my office cat, Oscar, and have been keeping folks up to date on Oscar's seasonal outfit changes.

Craft-wise, I accomplished a fair bit. I did a little quilting, some charity knitting, and...uh...well, jeez....   Crimony!  I have definitely not been keeping the blog current on my crafting escapades. I'll try to do better in Blog Year 4!

Editorials? I'm a little light on this subject, but I did voice my opinions about the world at large regarding the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear", Giving Thanks and what we take for granted, and consideration of and support for the "It Gets Better Project".

Diary Entries? I view that as more of the personal side of my world. Guess I'm a bit light on that area as well. Seems a bit odd to be kind of a "private" person whilst blogging, huh?
I did consider the gift of a quilt from my Mom from almost 30 years ago.
I blogged about shopping for carpet (cat-assisted) and the return of the carpet.
Ah - and I posted about some shows I got to attend; Savion Glover and Brian Stokes Mitchell, as well as the Tucson Handweavers and Spinners Guild Fashion Show.
Then there was the tire and frozen pipes  adventures, WWKIP Day, and the Wednesday of the Godzilla outing/Quail rescue/Yarn Blessing.
And I finally finished documenting my trip to the 2009 Sock Summit.

Resolutions too. 
In July 2010, I had made of list of Blogiversary resolutions for Year 3.
How did I do on my Blogiversary Resolutions? Not too badly.
Not a 100% success rate, but not too badly.

  ~   Blog More. Post more Pictures. 
         I did blog more this year than the previous year. 

  ~   Catch up on my favorite blogs. 
  ~   Explore new blogs!
         I caught up and stayed caught up on many of my favorite blogs.  
         I'm still behind on several. (Knitting to Stay Sane, Yarn Harlot, etc.)
         However, I did start following some new blogs this year. 
         I have also gotten a little braver about posting comments on
         the blogs I follow. 
         (There are probably a few folks around the world wondering 
           "Who is this KiniaCat person??" {I wonder sometimes too.})
  ~    Knit a real sweater! 
         I have 3 "real" sweaters on the needles. Well, 1 real sweater 
         (February Lady Sweater) and 1 coat (Einstein Coat - the furthest
         along), and a well, a lacy shirt-like cardigan (Sabine). 
          (Yes, I owe you-all pictures/updates!)

  ~    Laugh More.!
         The monster-cats offer daily silliness that inspires laughter. 
         The recent addition of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" to the podcast 
         roll has also inspired a lot of laughter - and some perplexed looks. 
         I left work the other week listening to WWDTM as I walked to 
         the car, chortling and making comments to the podcast - as a car 
         full of people looked on bemusedly. 

  ~     Love more. Love myself more too.
          I actually think I'm doing a better job at this. It's hard to explain. 
          Some of it was accepting that I may have regard/respect for 
          people and family that don't have similar regard/respect for me. 
          Letting go of a reciprocal expectation seems to have eased some 
          of the feelings of inadequacy. 
          Makes for a lighter and more open heart, I think. 
    Long blog. No pictures. 
    Seems like and Editorial Blog today, don't you think?