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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dec. 8th Vicarious Shopping - YARN! On eBay (if you're quick)

Yeah, I know...eBay. But this one is not just bidding on stash or store yarn or a swift.
This eBay shop is special.

A few years ago, I happily stumbled over a blog which I read with delight and continue to read to this day. The "Blogs to Explore" post for Celtic Memory Yarn is here.
{Please pardon the gushing. Then and Now.} ;-)
I love how she tells of her adventures, stunning knitting, and the stories of Ireland that are accented with lovely pictures by her husband.
And there's a book of their Ireland with pictures, stories, charm and whimsy.

And I'll stop gushing there...
The point of this blog series is to Shop Vicariously through you-all. {grin}

Now, I've seen her blog about the wondrous yarn she dyes and the kits she puts together to sell.
But I've never been quick enough to purchase one. {sigh}

So - if you're quick, you can purchase yarn-y spiffiness from Ireland.
CelticMemory. On eBay.

Treasures can be found in many places. Have a lovely day!

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