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Saturday, July 19, 2008

What the desert does after the rain, Knitting Homework, and surviving Work

Yep, I fell off the wagon a little regarding work hours.
Work challenges escalated, I got to hang out with the Ops night shift some at work, and I'll be spending more of next week dealing with the fun stuff I tripped over this week. 'Nuf said.

Greystroke is not doing well. I need to do a blog on my monster-cats. Greystroke is the oldest at around 17/18. He's not interested in eating much of anything other than DH's lunch-turkey meat. Not even "Kitty Crack" (F. Feast), not the prescription vet food, or even the pouch kitty food. Helped him eat some this AM. He was pretty reasonable about it.
We'll see what happens next. He's a sweet, dingy kitten-cat with an obnoxiously LOUD meow (which he mostly chooses to voice on trips to the vet or at 4 AM - 2 inches from your ear). Good thing he's so cute.

I've been working on my Tri-fold Knitter's Bowl homework...I can safely say it's colorful.

And this morning we got up to find our back fence in full bloom!
(Note, realllllly liking this little digital Camera the In-Laws gifted us with at Christmas.)
This is Cat's Claw, a climbing vine across our back fence. Yes, I need to thin the dead stuff a bit.
But the flowers that coat the vines are lovely/happy.

See the tri-fingered "claws" - that's how they climb the fence - and grab onto fingers and clothes. They're not sharp like cactus, but they're persistent.

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