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Sunday, July 20, 2008

More of what the Desert Does after the Rain

Aside from the mountains looking "green", it's fun to look around our desert world to see what blooms for us in the summer when the monsoons start.

This little guy popped up in the front yard by himself a couple of years ago. I placed a small rock "wall" around him to try and bring him to people's attention before he got stepped on.

Last Halloween, one little trick-or-treater stopped in the drive way to look at this mini barrel cactus - and my "Be careful, that's a real cactus" came just a teeny bit too late. He caught up to his parents on the side walk sucking his finger and, I think, contemplating the lesson learned about touching cactus - even cute little cacti.

So - I'm a little slow. I'm out hanging laundry this AM and I realize there's more cactus blooming in the back yard. Hey...these look just like the one in the front yard! Do you suppose they're related? Yep, I'm a little slow....

And - the the Mexican Bird of Paradise is gearing up to look glorious next week...

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  1. Those luscious pink blossoms. That muted green skin, the fine fur, and the lethal hooks. The hooks really aren't funny, it's amazing how something that painful draws no blood, but for their brief blaze, the blossoms are luscious.