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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Like I have a clue...

Yep. Blogging. Like I have a clue what I'm doing. Ha.
This is rather like doing my turnover at work but without all the boring bits and general requirement to be realllllllly politically correct.
Not unlike my knitting, I have signed up for this and it's probably a bit beyond my abilities.
We'll see what happens. Educational opportunity.
So....what is happening today....
General chores today. Laundry, water da plants, feed da cats, finish da book (ok, not a chore, but I only had 20 or so pages left)...More laundry...made some Sun Tea.
I thought we were gonna have an Monsoon storm coming in from over the Catalinas...but it went West after some impressive Thunder and posturing. Hence laundry is still out on the line.

And I have started my first blog posting.
I have been catching up on the Tales from the Den of Chaos postings. (No, I don't know how to insert a link...I'll figure it out, have patience. Well, maybe I just did it. Hmmmm. I'll test it later.)
Nifty blog. Funny, sweet, interesting, financially educational of late...and apparently inspiring enough that I'm typing my first blog entry. (Don't get your hopes up - this is highly unlikely to be inspiring or financially educational...)

Anyway - reading blogs and knitting my first Moebius Scarf. (woo hoo!!) I'm kind of doing prep work for the class I'm starting tomorrow at Kiwi Knitting...Trifold Knitter's Bowl by Cat Bordhi. (Remember what I said about getting into knitting that's a bit beyond my abilities...?)
It's an amazing pattern and fun premise and also a bit daunting since I'm semi-clueless and short on knitting time. The class runs over the next 3 weeks. Bet I learn a lot. Will I have done a spiffy large felted bowl with lots of pockets in the next month? This ought to be interesting...

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