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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things to do around Tucson

Roughly every quarter, I pull together a list of events, plant sales, charity stuff, music happenings, activities, etc. and e-mail it to many of the kind folks I know in Tucson.
I remind them of some of the spiffy things about Tucson and things to do around Tucson.
They actually seem to like it. Go figure.

Well, I figured I'd add my Tucson Things to do List to this blog.
It'll take me a bit to pull it all together and situate the categories.

(And, I must note, Blogger seems to be undergoing some changes/issues and the edit abilities seem limited (I need to relearn how to play with HTML - won't THAT make life interesting!))

Suggestions are welcome. (Yeah, I know no one else reads this and I'm probably typing at myself - but I have some good suggestions to offer!)

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