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Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh yeah, it's Monday - I shoulda known...

Well, it was supposed to be a lovely PTO day with the grand highlight of a knitting class.
And it was. But it had a lot of odd bits as well.
Ran a tad late to the class this AM by constantly re-thinking the yarn I was going to use to make the Trifold Knitters bowl...and still forgot a couple of things. (tsk)
Spiffy class, patient teacher (who also happens to be a rather amazing soul as well as a highly talented knitter (no, I'm not sucking up...)). My biggest issue appears to be that I'm not twisted enough. I keep losing the twists in my cable that make the tri-fold bit possible. We're working on it. Oh - and this yarn I thought was wool (feels like wool, looks like wool, has bits of hay spun into it (really) ) seems to burn an awful lot like acrylic...
Nifty teacher knit me a swatch of it whilst I was losing my twist so I could try felting the mystery yarn to see if it can still be used in the to-be-felted bowl construction. (I got it in a grab bag...I know, I know...)
Anyway, wicked good lunch and a chocolate croissant to celebrate National Chocolate Day (woo hoo - an excellent excuse to consume more chocolate!!)
No. I'm not making up National Chocolate Day! I'm not alone in this celebration! Ha - and another one...
Anyway, spent some time talking with DH and shower door install folks, and bathroom remodel folks...I'll skip the details. More discussion with DH necessary.
In the midst of the above, had the bright idea to update my virus protection/firewall/spyware/ yada, yada, yada. That went so well, I was considering what kind of PC I was going to go shopping for because I was pretty sure I'd killed mine dead. (OY)
Many, many (hard) reboots later, some pondering at how bad a PC is hosed when you can't get the Task Manager to put in an appearance, more reboots (still of the hard version), a virus scan, a spyware scan (found 6 minor), more reboots (normal ones), an update to the new software that was already out of date, and the PC seeeeeems to be recovering. In the midst of the PC skirmish, Bob-cat disappeared. Ok, I realized he was gone...He'd been hanging out in the back yard in the afternoon.
He's around 16. He lived in our neighborhood before we did and adopted us with his old family's blessing. He used to be the bad-a@@ of the block and regularly brought me "snacks" or parts of snacks. (Yes, they raised him as an outdoor cat - I became convinced he really wanted to stay being somewhat-outdoor after a week of cat-complaint-induced insomnia) ...but now he's 16 and he has arthritis. And he's a sweetie and carries my heart with his purr.
He hasn't hopped the 6' backyard fence in over a year. Until this afternoon.
Apparently, he was having a "good" day arthritis-wise and decided to go visit the neighborhood without telling me. Yep, I spent over 2 hours checking every nook and cranny of the yard, the alley, the neighbor's yard and alley and the alley/yards across the way. I got to spend a little time with all my neighbors (who were entirely kind and everyone promised to watch for him), and no one called the police when I was using a flashlight to peek over back-yard walls.
At 8:30 when I was going to check the alleys for the 5th time, I opened the front door and there's BobCat. He limped in, let me hug and cry on him, and took dinnertime in stride. (The Schmuck).
I cried some more when I visited the knitting teacher's blog and got to see this joyful, poignant, video - part of the "Where the Hell is Matt" series. What a gift! Shared Joy. 

Time to attempt some sleep.Pleasant Dreams!!
(You might have noticed...there wasn't a lot of knitting homework performed today...)

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