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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A la Lucy - my first attempt at felting

My first attempt at felting, was more like an "I Love Lucy" episode.
I was felting a little bag and some cat-toys I knitted... (felting is when you make solid fabric out of a knitted piece - a process most recognizable when the spousal-unit "helps" with the laundry and washes/dries your favorite wool sweater so it comes out doll-sized).
I washed my bag in very hot water...and maybe a little more soap than recommended (understatement).
I had visions of Lucille Ball when I opened the washing machine to find it overflowing with bubbles that started rolling out onto the floor. (front-loading washer).
After I stopped laughing, I got a towel to sop up (well, contain... um, herd) the mound of bubbles on the floor and to catch the additional suds as they poured out of the washer as I groped blindly inside to find the pieces I was felting. After a few more washes, the suds subsided and I did end up with a spiffy felted bag and semi-felted cat-toys - and Lots of bubbles on towels... floor... clothing. The DH missed out on the bubble-filled washer episode - but Lucy would have been proud of me!

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  1. We need a picture! Of the bag! And next time, of the suds.