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Monday, July 14, 2008

PC Improvements - whereby I hamstring my PC fun...

I have pictures to post, blogs to read, ebay perusing to do...however, the security suite I installed seems to object to my knitting-related fun. (oy)
Please pardon the odd short posts I'm going to attempt, I'm fooling with settings after not receiving a response from the Security Suite support whose software was praised by the vaunted CR.
(Ha - like anyone reads this! (s'ok, I talk to myself on a regular basis - this is no different!)

Weirdness. K - I tried (again) to load some pictures. Yesterday, they never loaded, I would just get dumped back to the start-page no errors or explanation.

Today, I get a pop-up error from Blogger "There were errors during upload. The following pages could not be uploaded (photo location string): This image could not be uploaded due to an internal error."
I have been off perusing the Blogger help sites...seems I have to join a group to ask question. Searching various groups showed no matches to this error. AND...I found a comment from 7/6 indicating Blogger was making some change and ability to load photos might be affected.

So - have I been slandering the Security Suite? Is it Blogger that is preventing me from seeing the pictures on one of my Favorite Blogs: Tales from the Den of Chaos? I can't see the progress on the Creatures of the Reef Shawl!! (Ok, the problem started when I realllllly wanted to see the pictures of the blueberry pie in the 7/9 post, but can I? Nooooooo) Hmmm - note the date of the blueberry blog and how it relates to the date of the change on Blogger. Yet, comments on the blog indicate other people can see the pictures...

I have no answers, just weirdness.
I begin to suspect the Security Suite may not entirely be to blame (but I still can't peruse Ebay).

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