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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tri-Fold Knitter's Bowl class is over but my Tri-Fold Knitter's Bowl isn't

Yep, had the 3rd and last Tri-fold Knitter's bowl class today (amongst other adventures). No, I didn't expect to finish the bowl today...but I got some good clues to get me on the way to finishing my bowl. Also got to meet the Knitting Teacher's young son who joined us for class time. He re-learned how to knit and knit a green swatch/blanket for a puppet, played with the rocket he has under construction, read a bit of a book, and was all-around clever, polite and terribly cute!
The talented Knitting teacher was multi-tasking. Beyond re-teaching her son to knit and giving me clues on my first "After-thought" pocket - she was SPINNING!! Sock Yarn no less! AND plying it with other yarn she'd spun. Spiffy.

Back to the Bowl: I've got one pocket knitted and a 2nd one started (I have 5 to do.) That's the pocket - sticking up out of the body of the front of the bowl - the lavender-colored rectangle with the yellow flecks. Colorful, isn't it?

Ha - you should see the bottom of the bowl:

It will be VERY interesting to felt this puppy. I'm promised to show it around at Kiwi when it's done. I also had to shop for more yarn since I was loath to pull in yet another shade of purple from my stash-yarn into this bowl. (Yes, it has been an education for me that there are so many different shades of purple - and a bit frighting to find so many in my stash. And most of it's variegated! Not sure I want to know what that actually means about my personality...) It's obnoxious enough (Yes, and I still like it!)
Luckily, I found more skeins of the lavender-yellow for the pockets in the sale corner at Kiwi! (score!) and Lynn, the owner of Kiwi, found me more Purple Cascade for the "petals" that "lid" this bowl!

Bob-Cat was unable to resist the skein of yarn I was unknowingly dragging back to the computer room:

In other news of the day...Greystroke's eyes seem to be doing better and he felt well enough to eat about an 1/8th of a can of Kitty Crack (F. Feast) this AM. He followed up this achievement by having some watered down canned AD this afternoon and more Kitty Crack this evening.
(Yeah!!/Sigh of relief) Ok, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, and I know we're on borrowed time as it is, but the Pooky-cat looks like he'll be staying with us a little longer.

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