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Monday, July 14, 2008

1st Moebius is done and I achieved twisted-ness

I did my best at following the Applied I-cord merge instructions. I'm possibly a bit slow...but I think there's some "as if to purl" and position of needles comments that could be missing from the instructions. (Keep in mind the "I'm possibly a bit slow" comment, although the instructions from Ms. Bordhi's books, thus far, have been pretty easy for me to follow.)
ANYWAY - I did the deed. Here we find BobCat graciously modeling my 1st Moebius scarf for us:

This picture probably more accurately reflects Bob's opinion of this procedure:

So I found another kitty to do the modeling:

And, yes, I got my Tri-fold Knitter's Bowl homework done:

Nope, this is the Wool/Sari Silk purple yarn.
The tri-twist in the original attempt had lost it's kink so I frogged it and started over.
For some reason, the tri-twist stayed on this one.
(woo-hoo!!) (Yes, I was checking that it was there every 10 stitches or so...)
And I must confess, my I-cord merge on this one is much less graceful...but this will be felted and felting hides a multitude of sins.
The teacher thinks it will look nice!
I'm liking it too!!

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  1. I always knew you were twisted, oh Virginia, I'm so proud