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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Return of the Dragon

So....a week later, I'm walking past the back door where BobCat is peacefully sleeping on the door mat. Again - movement in BobCat's bowl.
The silly lizard is actually sitting in the bowl, with her tail curled around the inside edge!!
And BobCat is 8 inches away, sound asleep.
(Yep, that's my bad-a@@ 16-year old Tabby-cat...terror of the neighborhood - maybe not so much terror for lizards...)

Pam, an entirely nifty lady I'm blessed to work with identified the dragon:
From FireFly Forest

Sonoran Spotted Whiptails are all female and reproduce via parthenogenesis (virgin birth). A Sonoran Spotted Whiptail's eggs contain complete copies of her genome and will develop into embryos despite not being fertilized by a male. The resulting female offspring are all clones of their mother.

The Sonoran Spotted Whiptail (Aspidoscelis sonorae or Cnemidophorus sonarae) is a common lizard in the mountain foothills around Tucson. These small, slender lizards feed on insects, spiders, and other creatures smaller than themselves.

Sonoran Spotted Whiptails do have long, whip-like tails, but despite their name, they often have only very faint spots between the six pale lines running down their backs.

Pssst - yes, I've done a little knitting today - practicing the Applied I-cord on my moebius scarf!!! It'll be done tonight!!

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