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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"To Protect and Serve" - the 20th November thanks

I am thankful for our military and emergency services personnel.
Many of them work in dangerous situations/locations or in jobs that constantly expose them to the less pleasant side of our world. Such exposure can wear on a person's soul.
Which means what they do is that much more important and woefully under-appreciated.

Note1 - Yes, this is a semi-redundant thanks, similar to the Veteran's Day thanks on Nov. 12th. Still, that post didn't offer thanks for the emergency services personnel, so more thanks are due.

Bonus Thanks - On this particular day, I am very thankful for my parents. Excellent human beings. Kind and loving people that I miss every day.
They were particularly stellar examples of their generation who did not teach us to judge people by their color, race, or creed.

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