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Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11th Thanks/Auction-Knitterati Support!

Today's November thanks will echo a previous thanks.

This is what is on my mind today: 

I saw a post on Ravelry regarding the fire that had consumed the studio of Judith MacKenzie on October 29.
A perusal of Twitter revealed some mentions references to a {rather excellent} blog post by the Yarn Harlot regarding this loss.
And some truly lovely folks have setup a website for donations, the opportunity to fulfill a "Wish List" item to help re-stock the teaching studio, and an auction to help raise more funds (Auction scheduled to open Tues., 11/13).

Per the RebuildJudithsStudio website, quite a few donations have already been made.

I have offered to auction off a skein of Prism Yarn "Wild Stuff" that I purchased as part of my late Sister-in-Law's stash. It is a $92.00 skein of creative "art" yarn - the winning bid might win it for 1/2 the original price! And the proceeds will go to help Ms. MacKenzie.

Per the e-response I received, I'm not alone in my offering. I suspect the Auction offerings will be amazing!

So the "echo of a previous thanks" relates to the 2nd bullet from my 11/3 "catch-up" Thanks list:
"I am thankful for the Knitting/Crafting community - here in Tucson, on the Internet/Ravelry/blogs/podcasts, and throughout the world. A common thread. (Pun intended.)"

I am thankful that many, many people in the Knitting/Crafting Community are getting the word out on Raverly, Twitter and their blogs and that people are already stepping in to help.

My heart goes out to Judith MacKenzie - and grateful thanks are offered to all the lovely folks that are stepping in to help her move past this setback.

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