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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can't help but be Thankful - the 13th of November

As you have probably noticed, I'm doing a run of Thankful blogs for November until Thanksgiving.

I am VERY thankful for chocolate - in it's many forms, flavors and combinations. 

{Happy sigh!}

I keep bars of Dark Chocolate at home and in my desk at work.
(Well, I used to keep chocolate at work...)

I "permit" myself a single piece a day - for medical purposes.
You know - Anti-oxidents.

{Yeah, right.}
Ok, sometimes I go for 2 pieces if it's a rough day (or if the chocolate is particularly yummy).

Um. And if the Dark Chocolate isn't dark enough (or if there is caramel involved), more can be consumed in a very short time period. It's probably better if I don't explain what happens when Brownies are involved...

Have I mentioned before that I'm a functioning Choco-holic?

{Happy sigh!}

A favored standard - yummy fruity tone, but dark enough
that I limit myself to one piece at a time.
{Available at Trader Joes.}

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  1. My belly is rolling with guffaws reading this. You really nailed it, brown font and all.