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Friday, November 16, 2012

November Purrrrrrs - the 16th

I am truly thankful for my Veterinarian and her amazing staff (Bear Canyon Pet Clinic).

There are numerous stories of kindness and cat-watching offered along with advice, smiles, education, support, compassion, and when the illness warranted it - referrals to the Veterinarian Hospital (So. Az. Veterinary Specialty) for specialized care (diabetes, cancer, and some unusual surgeries).

On many occasions, they have gone above and beyond basic treatment to help me provide my cats with the best possible care.

A few years ago, we lost a youngish cat, Simba, (to cancer after a few years of diabetes) and 3 elderly cats (Gable, Greystroke & BobCat) - all within a couple of years. But my elderly cats were pushing 20 years old when they passed. And they were generally healthy and purring up to a few days before their passing - because of my Vets, the treatment and how they helped me learn what I needed to know to provide some treatment at home.

They have helped me become a better kitty-mom and person.
I have been truly blessed with amazing Veterinarian support for my monster-cats.

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