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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Thankful it's the 7th!!

Much as I value and revel in the voting and freedoms available in my country, I am pointedly Thankful that it is now the 7th of November.

The day After Election day! 

And we citizens will now have a respite from the constant barrage of automated phone calls, real-live persons calling or ringing our door bells, wasteful piles of political, finger-pointing snail-mailings, and the ridiculous clusters of temporary roadside signs urging us to "Vote for So-n-so". 

{Sigh of Relief!!}

Bonus Thanks and another "Sigh of Relief" - The "Sock the Vote" Socks were completed last night!!
"I knit a sock & I VOTE!"(d)!!
(Yep, there's a whole blog post pending about that journey.)

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