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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blogiversary #5 - Half a Decade of Blogging

{grin} "Half a Decade of Blogging". Sounds impressive, huh?
Per our school system, "Five" is the age to enroll in school - Kindergarten.

{grin-er} I guess that's what I've done in my 5th blogiversary year - I've gone back to school.
Beginning Weaving (Kindergarten) at the local community college.

But Five Years of Blogging.
Well, I guess I'm not much past Kindergarten in blogging either.

Blogging is an interesting outlet for me. And I think it has become an important outlet.
It seems a bit like journalling - electronically - with a touch of scrap booking.
A journal/scrapbook that is visible to anyone on the Internet and... {oddly/wonderfully} visited by folks from all over the world.

Some blog posts are emotional venting:, jubilant, disappointed, loving, distressed, obnoxious ;-), cathartic, happy/envious/stubborn/ patientsad - but generally heartful. Other posts are funny, musical, photographicsilly or colorful. I have also "scrap-booked" journeys, critter visits, knitterly projects, more critter visits, exercise adventurespoisonous critter visits, cat-snacksevents, or ironic happenstance.

Lastly, some posts are charitable in nature and action.
In last year's blogiversary post, I offered to donate funds to Doctors Without Borders for the first 4 comments left on that blog post. Two lovely souls {Grateful thanks to Janel Laidman and O! Jolly!!} helped me fulfill 1/2 of my pledge and $30.00 was donated to DWB in July 2012.

I will stand by my 2012 Blogiversary pledge to donate another $20.00 to Doctors Without Borders for two more comments on the 2012 Blogiversary post. Would you like to help me fulfill that pledge? 

For this year's Blogiversary, I will pledge to learn to do something new inspired by comments left on the 2013 Blogiversary post.
{Granted it's something I've been meaning to do, but...}

I will pledge* to knit a preemie hat for each comment left on this 5-Year blogiversary blog post.
Would you like to leave a comment to kick off my preemie hat knitting?
Would you like to join me in knitting preemie hats?  ;-)

Comments, pledges and preemie hats aside, Thank you for reading. 
For some of you  - thanks for a Half of a Decade of reading. 
Truly - thank you.

Also - my grateful thanks to the folks at Blogger, for offering this venue for our use and enjoyment.

(*Hmmm. To ward off any Internet craziness, I'm going to exclude counting my own comments and limit the 2013 preemie hat knitting pledge to no more than 50 hats. {wry grin} I know it's unlikely {nigh unto impossible} that there will be 50+ comments, but irony and I are well-acquainted.}


  1. Okay, I'm the first one up! Congratulations on your Blogiversary! May you continue for many more years...and enjoy them all.

  2. Thank ye, ma'am! And I have my first preemie hat to Knit!! {happy feet!!}
    {I'm off to find pattern options}

  3. Knit one for me, too!! I mean, not FOR me... you know what I mean. :)

  4. Woot! Thanks, Sara. Preemie hat #2 is gleefully plotted!