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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Diabetic Update & Arizona Critter Sightings

Diabetic Update: 
The Little Brother continues to improve. He's a bit worn out sometimes at the end of the day, but he's doing more and healing well. He's been spending some time at his apartment, organizing and going through totes from storage. He's still staying with the DH and I and still gifting us with his cooking some evenings and doing a very good job managing his diabetes.

We go see the Retinal Eye Doctor tomorrow to check if there was any permanent eye damage from glucose-saturated 2011. We'll see what the doctor's advice is regarding the LB getting back into driving.

Arizona Critter Sightings:
This handsome fellow was supervising last week as I hung out laundry:
 I believe it's a Cooper's Hawk.

Whilst plotting this blog, I remembered a few other Arizona Critter Sightings that had never made it to the blogosphere. So - here are some more Arizona Critters:

These are Desert Tortoises a friend of mine inherited:


I've blogged about these beautiful creatures before.
Yeah, I know. As a knitter, my fear of yarn-eating moths should flare at the sight of any moth - particularly one of this size. They're large - usually more than 2 inches long. This one was close to 3 inches long. Sphinx Moths (or their larvae) do not eat yarn.
I saw this fellow resting in the stairwell at the old office last July.

I saw this family of hawks in the bushes - also near the old office.
Apologies for the less than stellar photos. I don't recall if I was clueless on how to work the then-new camera or if these were a feeble attempt with the old used iPhone I had for a bit. I believe one of the younglings is in the foreground and the parent-hawks were on the left and resting in the shade of the bushes.

Lastly, here's a very odd photo of a critter I hadn't seen in the "wild" since I was a child.
This is a Horned Toad I saw during a walk up in the White Mountains. The photo is surprisingly good considering it was taken with my very basic cell phone.

Just dropping off LB this AM, I saw a small bird of prey flying above. Whilst hanging out laundry, I was visited by a hummingbird and geckos ran by on the wall.
Consider taking a moment to look around and admire nature where ever you are. Night.

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