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Friday, July 30, 2010

It Seems to Be Critter-week in my hallway...

Rescuing Geckos or even Wolf Spiders to put outside is one thing...when it comes to the poisonous critters, I'm not so kind-hearted.

CooPurr was finding something particularly interesting just under the throw rug at the entrance to our bedroom.
When kitties are staring at something fixedly and pawing at something I can't see - I go investigate.
Mostly it's been teeny, tiny bugs - gnats and such that come in with us from the outside.

I flick back the edge of the rug to look and - 
CRIMONY - it's a Bark Scorpion. Gheyahhhhhh!!!!

I jump back, the scorpion crawls a little more up on the carpet and CooPurr reaches out a paw ... {oy}. I pick up CooPurr so the scorpion will stay put and so I won't have to re-convince myself that cats have a natural immunity to scorpion stings (so says my Vet) - but Nikoli and Mikale are stepping in to see what's up!  Now Gryphon's running up the hallway to have a look too!
(Oh, yeah - they've never seen one of these before!)

I put down CooPurr, hop over the scorpion, going for my husband's side of the closet. Picking up the closest shoe there, I turn back around and start pounding on the scorpion, keeping in mind, when you bop them on carpeting, they usually bounce. The cats jump back, pretty sure Mom has lost it...

A creeped out KiniaCat, jumped up on adrenaline and armed with a Man's Size 11 work shoe can do some damage:
Um - one of his pincers is, uh, elsewhere....
(Hmmm - looks like I need to vacuum.)
 (Helpful Poisonous Critter-Slaying Hint - using the DH's very big shoes, means better reach/torque, more squashing-weight, and you don't have to be as close to the little nasty creepy-thing you're trying to slay.)

The DH and I have a deal.     
If I slay the noxious critters that wander into the house, 
he has to clean 'em up

No matter how squashed, mangled or in how many pieces they are - I'm pretty sure they're going to spring up, suddenly not quite dead, to run up my arm if I try to remove the body.
That and I don't like the crunchy/mooshy feel... {Shudder/Gah}

So I left the husband a voice-message that he has cleanup duty when he gets home.
(Come to think of it, I'm not sure I actually mentioned what he has to clean up...)

Usually the "sign" a cleanup is required, is one of his large shoes, out where it normally wouldn't be, with something flattened, and, uh, oozing, underneath. Sometimes the shoe sports a sticky-note "hint".
Tonight the cats won't leave it alone so I multiplied the "sign":

Which didn't work either...they keep pulling shoes off or the rug away!
So now there's a kitty condo sitting right there - in the entrance to the Master Bedroom. With cats staring at it....
(Ok, Gryphon's just there for the shoelaces...)

Of course, now all evening I'm just gonna feel like stuff is crawling on me and I'll keep wondering how many times did I walk past it/step over it...?!?! {Shuddder}   
Still - CooPurr is my hero! 
His curiosity saved me from getting too close for comfort 
and I am extremely grateful!

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  1. LOVE this! It makes me feel better about standing in the bedroom at night hyperventilating and gasping for DH to come quickly because the biggest spider in the WORLD is sitting right there in the middle of my bed. The bed I was about to get into! The bed in which I will now toss and turn all night as I imagine the ejected occupant's brother or sister or mother coming to look for him and taking revenge on me...