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Monday, December 20, 2010

It does get better!

I originally started this blog entry specifically intending to show support for the It Gets Better Project.
I will still do that, but I'm going to mention a few other subjects/blogs that have made me pause to consider how much more I have to learn and grow - and that have offered hope that our world is still improving.
And...this is still not the blog I had re-intended.

I tried to describe how sad-beyond-words it makes me that children would take their own lives because they feel there is no other way to stop the pain.
Is this because they literally have not reached a point in their physical and emotional growth where they can fully comprehend "later" or that this day in school doesn't have to define their whole life and that everyone won't always treat them this way?
What if there is a chemical imbalance skewing their world?

And how to explain that bullies tend to be a few ignorant jerks, or people lashing out because of their own pain, or other people slinging "stones" because they don't want people to sling stones at them.

Can we teach the bullies compassion?
Aside from extremely rare exceptions, I definitely believe so.

Please know you are Not alone.   Deep Breaths.
Please consider there are many tomorrows that will be better than today.
Please notice the overwhelming good in the world. It's right there in front of you.
It is just not as loud and obvious as the bad stuff.  But good is Much more plentiful and consistent.
The above is the short version and lacking the full weight and depth of my feelings on the subject of bullying and suicide.
But the short version might make for a better blog and actually does achieve a mild semblance of coherency.
I suspect I may not be in a place where I can explain what I'm feeling and how I wish it to be better.

So...the short version it is.
Please consider the links below as confirmation that our world and society is still trying to do better.
  • To all younglings who are subjected to torture and bullying...most especially Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) kids - It Truly Does Get Better. You are NOT alone. 
  • Anti-bullying Starts in First Grade.  Katie, I am particularly fond of "Star Wars" ("Star Trek", "Firefly"...the list goes on!). Let us revel in our similarities AND our differences! It's part of makes us unique and the world a more interesting place! 
  • Challenge Day. I think it helps people to find compassion.
  • TED - Ideas Worth Spreading.  No, I haven't fully explored this site and it's quite feasible there are Ideas presented with which I cannot agree. But I love what it stands for and it's an interesting and heartening exploration that I intend to continue.
  • Lots of food for thought...about the effects of what we say and what is heard:
    "Who hears you, when you speak about rape?".
  • And a repeat offering: Randy Pausche's "Last Lecture". It's worth your time. Really.

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    1. Thank you. Why I love you and your blog. ( and why aren't you in bed at 9:30pm?) Darla