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Friday, June 7, 2013

E-hug for a Dear Friend and Upcoming Events

I'd like to offer a special e-hug to a dear friend who had a birthday today.

She graces my blog with comments and humor and seems to be fond of me despite my many and varied flaws. She inspires me to do more yoga, laugh more often, and to defy the stereotypes of age.

We don't live in the same town anymore and I miss her. She has an amazing laugh and a joyful spirit. Truly. She is yogic and charming. Witty and wry. She gleefully noticed that I blink slowly like a cat when I'm calm and contented {or attempting to inspire cats or people to be calm & contented}. She can read aloud a book she has never seen* with clarity, inflection, emotion, excellent pronunciation, and humor. Yes, I admire her greatly. {You could tell, huh?}
(*The truly spiffy Flavia de Luce books were even more enjoyable when read by this lady. {seriously - there are more syllables in the words used in those books... Woof! More, please!!})

She is a fun, imaginative, and perfect playmate for her adorable grandson. He will tell wondrous tales of her alllll his life, inspiring envy in his listeners that they didn't have such a loving elfin creature in their lives. I am very sure of this.

She is also eminently knit-worthy. I know that  she will love whatever I make for her and she'll take excellent care of the gifted knitted items. She is also prone to generous hugs, and joyful, appreciative exclamations. {Which is positive reinforcement for the knitter and is greatly appreciated}.

I got to speak with her a little today when she called to say she'd gotten the package I sent earlier this week.  She declared that these fit her perfectly and they're in her favorite colour:
{Happy Dance!!!}


Also included in the box: I had knit this for her a while ago but I had only recently fulled {felted} the Moebius Somersaulting Rim Trifold Bowl from Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.

I had also included three of my favorite children's books, knowing my dear friend will love reading them to her grandson. I'm hoping they will both be as tickled with these books as I am.
{Although I sent "Mr. Putter & Tabby Walk the Dog" instead of "Bake the Cake".}
Chinaberry is my favored place to purchase these books. Chinaberry is hard to describe, but truly wonderful. They carefully review, describe and assign an age-range on the books they offer. 

Happy Birthday, DearHeart. Love you. 

Ok, here's the Event section of today's blog:
Short Notice: The dates for World Wide Knit in Public Day...are...well, Now.
June 8th through June 16th. {Sorry, it snuck up on me.}
It looks like the WWKIP website now asks for people to create logins and it looks like they're working on improving the website. However, I am not finding any Tucson-based WWKIP events.

I will be {as usual} Knitting in Public pretty much everywhere I go.  Join me! Take your knitting/crochet,/spinning with you on the bus, to restaurants, doctor's offices, or sporting events!
If you see a short, semi-dark haired woman toting a large fulled bag and constantly knitting, it's probably me. {wry grin}
A la "Hill Street Blues": Let's Knit! But - hey, "Let's be careful out there."

Longer Notice: This year's Can't Stop the Serenity Event in Tucson will be at the Fox Theater on Saturday, August 17th at 6 PM. {Phoenix date/location is TBA}
I blog about this event most every year {2012, 2011, 2010...}. If you haven't been - you should go. It is great fun, it raises funds for some worthy charities, and the restored Fox Theater is an excellent and lovely venue. If you're not able to go to the Tucson Event hosted by the Arizona Browncoats, find out if there will be one in your area!!

Thanks for reading and please accept an all-purpose, friendly and appreciative E-Hug from me!


  1. Oh my GAWD!! I'm overcome! I'm coming over! You get the biggest Eegee's you desire next time I'm in town.

    1. Grazie, dearheart. I'd be more tickled to see YOU but we can visit Eegees too. ;-)

  2. Mr. Putter and Tabby (and even Mrs.Teaberry and Zeke) are our FAVES!!!!
    What a great posting! =)

    1. Thank ye, ma'am. Why am I not surprised that you would be aware of such stellar books? {Great minds think alike...}