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Friday, July 6, 2012

Blogiversary - #4 to benefit Doctors Without Borders

Four Years.

Heck, this last year feels like 4 years all by itself. OK, not quite...but it's certainly been eventful.
It's interesting to look over the blog and see the changes from the last few years.

Changes in me too. And changes in my knowledge of blogging, podcasting, knitting, and the internet, as well as what I've learned of other countries from the bloggers and podcasters elsewhere in the world.
{grin} And of my many points of ignorance. S'ok, I'm trainable.

Lots to learn.
So many blog ideas, so little time.

Alright, here's a slightly different approach to this blogiversary.
Have you noticed the spiffy icon that appears to the left of the blog posts that looks lika dis:

I have supported Doctors Without Borders for years. I was tickled to find that many, many other knitters also support DWB, inspired by the Yarn Harlot's Knitters Without Borders fund raising drive that also started years ago.
This is particularly spiffy:
"Since it's inception, Knitters Without Borders has raised a staggering  $1,102,506"!!!!

In honor of my 4th year of blogging, I will donate $20.00 to Doctors Without Borders for the first comment left on this blog post and $10.00 for the next 3 comments left on this post. 
If I have access to your contact information, I will log the donation with Doctors Without Borders as a Tribute to you with my grateful thanks. (My comments don't count. {wry grin})
(Updated 7/14/12...Two comments were graciously left on this post and two donations have been made to Doctors Without Borders in tribute to those commentors! Two comments/donations left to fulfill my blogiversary pledge...do you feel a comment coming on?)

Of course :-),   if you'd like to go to the Doctors Without Borders Website or visit DWB via the Knitters Without Borders Website to post your very own donations, that would be a grand and lovely thing.
I'll let the Yarn Harlot know about our Blogiversary Donations to Doctors Without Borders.
If you drop off a donation yourself, please do let the Yarn Harlot know so the Knitters Without Borders donation tally can be updated!

Thank you for dropping by, comments or no...it has been amazing to see from whence people come to look at the blog. I am very tickled as local Tucsonians visit and gobsmacked that there are also visitors from all around the world. Amazing and humbling. The world is a vast place. Wow.

Blessings Be.


  1. I think this is an awesome thing to do! I love to support Doctors Without Borders. Go KiniaCat!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! What a fantastic way to celebrate. Doctors Without Borders is an amazing organization.

  3. My grateful thanks to you both for the Doctors Without Borders & blogiversary support! It feels like an official celebration now!
    I visited the DWB website this evening and made donations in your honor.
    Thank you again!