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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't Look!! More Kitten pictures (and he still doesn't have a name...)

Ok - picking back up where we left off yesterday...we started letting the kitten out for supervised visits with the big boys.
This also meant Kitten got exposed to more toys (lots of them).
One in particular inspired a VERY odd reaction - a "mine, mine, mine" - with a Growl.

Lots of growls, actually.

The Purple Mousie.

He started carrying it around growling. And being less than charming if he thought we would take it away from him.

I initially feared I'd exposed the kitten to Kitty-drugs.

This happens to be a Very old catnip toy.
A catnip toy that has been through the washing machine dozens of times (my first baby black cat, Gable, used to hide it in the dirty clothes all the time...[and in shoes, drawers, purses, food bowl, water dish - ok, I guess sometimes I Chose to run it through the wash...])

So...we did take it away from him just in case we were exposing him to kitty drugs in his formative...., uh, weeks....



[no kitty drugs in this one...]

Or in this one - which occupied him for what seemed like an HOUR! [bliss]
So...the growling isn't inspired by a kitty-drug induced haze...

He's partial to the sparkly ones too...

(but they don't inspire growling.)

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