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Saturday, July 4, 2009

We named the kitten today!

Yes, we finally agreed upon a name for the kitten today.
We've tried a variety of names on him and none seemed like good, permanent names.
Most had to do with obvious or less than charming behaviors:
"Shadow", "Brat". "Zippy". "Jr.". "Ninja".
Several were alternate names for the Devil...like "Dickens". "Taz" "Dervish" - oh wait, that one is more whirling mystical/religious than devilish...
"Sparta" was a favorite with the DH this week - relating to the kitten in this video/song: "The Mean Kitty Song/Hey Little Sparta". (I was pretty tempted by that one...)

However - DH and I both like "Gryphon". It's a strong and interesting name so DH finds it acceptable. It can be shortened to "Gryph" or cute-ified to "Gryphy" - which is actually... BobCat's original name!
Well, for BobCat, it was Griffey - a la Ken Griffey Jr. (So named by the young man who asked us, before he moved away from his parent's house, if we wanted to adopt the cat that had been seriously loitering around our house...)

We're wondering if BobCat will notice his old name being bandied about.

Now for me, the kitten being black...with a name of "Gryphon" relates to a character in one of my favorite series: Skandranon, the Black Gryphon. "The Black Gryphon" is a book by one of my absolute favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey,(and her spouse Larry Dixon!). (Love the whole Valdemar series. Yes, my book geekiness is showing...). "Skan" is interesting, charming, brave, clever, sometimes not entirely mature, adventurous, dangerous, and very lovable. Not unlike our youngest Monster-cat.

Um, I have to note...DH's eyes did get a little big when I suggested we name the kitten Skandranon....so I suspect that might have something to do with why "Gryphon" seemed so acceptable. [grin].

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