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Friday, July 3, 2009

Look! Knitting Blog-stuff. Ok, and more kitten pictures.

Well, yeah, I know...MORE kitten pictures.
But...I'm catching up on the kitten pictures. There's so many. And...he's rather cute...

Alright - with all the kitten-sitting (and extra time at work to boot) there hasn't been much knitting going on around here.
The knitting withdrawal symptoms are profoundly unpleasant and I can only say - it's a good thing the kitten is so frigging CUTE.

OK - the knitting that has occurred in the past few weeks are these:

Twisted Spiral Scarf in Noro Kureyon.

I must confess - I'm a little annoyed with this skein...I got about 3 inches into the spiral and there was a KNOT. Darn thing went from a spiffy green tied to a funky purple going orange. And the knot was cheesy - took all of 4 seconds to untie it! So I started over [rassn-frassn].
My first experience knitting with Noro yarn (known for it's quality and amazing gradual color changes...) on a 1-skein project and I get knot-shorted. (harrumph!)
We'll see if there's enough yarn to finish the scarf or if I'll have to get creative (or froggy).

Enough whining - this project is going a bit better:

Knit Dr. Bag - with a Wave!

I'm hoping these lovely aqua colors will felt with a wave pattern. T'will be a very spiffy bag if I can pull this off! My Craft Klatch friends got all head up about taking this class and asked if I wanted to join...(I was a skosch peeved that my first 2 Knit Dr. Bags were so memorable to them...).
I reminded them that I'd already taken the class but offered to do a Knit-a-long.
(Magnanimous of me, yes? Not... that I was... really just looking for an excuse to knit another mondo bag...
[Is my bag-lady penchant showing??])

Turns out Kitten is not the wool-hound that CooPurr is! (Hooray!!)

OK - more kitten pictures - from about 10 days ago. These show the interesting relationship Kitten is forming with CooPurr:

First thing out of the Computer room, there are purrs and head butts - even a kind of hugging.
Shortly after that, Kitten gets into wholesale play-mode, flinging his kitten-body at CooPurr and

then there's wrestling time.

Kitten, standing on his hind legs, can almost reach CooPurr's head.
Add a jump and a wrestling hug and it's a whole new game!
However, I've seen CooPurr hold Kitten down by putting a paw on Kitten's head, 3 Stooges-style.
Kitten tries to jump up into CooPurr's face, but he's held at arm's length by CooPurr's paw on his forehead...(No, I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get the 3 Stooges bit. Sorry.)

When CooPurr is tired of wrestling - CooPurr goes...Up.

And Kitten wonders how he does that.

(Think CooPurr looks a little smug?)

(Spectator Sport.)

(Um, yeah. Smug.)

"Down" time.

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  1. The grey cat looks just like my Mollie. Very pretty!