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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yarn Harlot giggles

I checked for Yarn Harlot stuff today on YouTube.
I have had such a fun afternoon!

I started with general amazement at the Yarn Harlot Irish Cottage Knitting video (on DPNs).

Yes, I've been pondering how I knit....and the Yarn Harlot DOES knit like the wind.
(Kudos and thanks to ClimbingTweedle for putting this into a platform we can utilize!!)
OH - and there's this one with regular, full-sized needles. Woof!

DH laughed with me over this fun excerpt from a Yarn Harlot talk at Full Thread Ahead.
(See - I married a keeper. He doesn't knit, but he still kinda "gets" it. Lovely man!)
({sigh} Sorry, I can't get YouTube to find the Full Thread Ahead video so you should click on the link above to see the hilarity. {You should - it's really good!})

The Yarn Harlot's altitude observations about Denver.

They HAVE to play this at the Sock Summit!! "Save me from my Socks"!

Not the Yarn Harlot, but a fellow crafter...
"Knitting in time" touches my knit geekiness...kindred spirit!

And just for general silliness: "Western Spaghetti"!

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  1. You're golden. You're knitting with God. You're fine bamboo knit socks in pale olive with tiny flecks of real gold leaf. You're on your way to the Summit, girl! Goin to the SHOW!